Burning Fat

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Why does it seem so difficult for people to burn fat?
It seems that almost every second person you talk to is on a diet.

Therein lies the problem.
As soon as we get on a diet the struggle starts.

There is so much joy to be had from eating that going on a diet will always be a struggle.
But there is a simple solution and that is to make small adjustments to the type of food you eat or the amount of food that you eat on a daily basis without going overboard with a full-blown diet.

By simply reducing your calorie intake by 100 calories a day, which seems very little, and is easy to achieve without making any major changes, over the course of the year you can lose a substantial amount of fat.

Another way to reduce fat without making major changes to your eating habits is to replace some of low quality foods with better quality food.
But better quality I mean the foods that are less likely to add fat to your body.

By eating a little more protein rather than carbohydrate foods you are less likely to feel hungry all the time and you can still eat a similar amount of food without getting as much fat in your body.

Simple things like having slightly less sugar in your tea or coffee or eliminating sugar altogether will help you to lose weight.

Losing weight does not have to be a struggle, because if it is it will be virtually impossible to maintain it for very long and you’ll be back to where you started from.

This is the main reason why so many diets fail.
By reducing the reasons why diets fail, and taking the burden away, you’re far more likely to succeed even though you might think it will take a lot longer.

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